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B & M Chemicals Limited
Contact: Sudhir Mundhra
Tel: (91) (33) 2240 3176
Fax: (91) (33) 2240 0714
Address: 3, Wood Street Kolkata - 700 016, INDIA

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B & M Chemicals Limited

Company Introduction: Chromite Ore, a complex mixture of chrome, Aluminium, Magnesium, and Iron is the starting point for the range of products. In our process, chromite ore is first ground and then roasted at high temperature in large furnaces with soda ash in the presence of oxygen to produce a first contaning Sodium Chromate. This is leached with water and the Sodium Chromate extracted and reacted with Sulphuric Acid to give a commercially pure solution of Sodium Dichromate. Sodium Dichromate either in solid or liquid form is widely used in Industries and is also the starting point for the manufacture of all other chromium chemicals.,Having an annual production of 18,000 MTs of Basic Chrome Sulphate . We have been exporting 50% of our total output to over 18 countries and have exclusive yearly contracts with the Top Tanners in the world. Besides, we cater to the entire domestic leather market of Calcutta.,Our Basic Chrome Sulphate is manufactured using the SO2 reduction process ensuring consistent basicity and easy solubility. We have the advantage in maintaining regular supply of quality material and saving in cost of production, as we produce Sodium Bichromate - the main raw material for Basic Chrome Sulphate

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